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Custom karaoke CDG video

There's always a karaoke party over there, and we love it! But tell me the truth, aren´t you tired of always singing the same music and watching the same videos, at the same bar, with the same people? What if you step up the game and improve the night? how come? by carrying your own brand new karaoke videos to surprise everybody! Amaze the crowd with new songs, new graphics, and new audio quality. You can use your own pictures, photos to make it more funny, lovely, special or to make a proposal to the love of your life, or just to give a surprise! Yes! We can make any amazing custom video karaoke productions for you and your friends.


CD plus graphics. We can make the videos in cdg format for you to use it on your karaoke machine.


If you want to reproduce the videos from the computer we can send them to you on AVI files or any other video format you may need.


We know people is use to get the karaoke disc at home, but we delivery this product electronically, we use dropbox to send the video files for you to burn the disc at home. Due to the technology nowadays we think is faster, secure and free sending trough the internet. If you need help to burn the CDG we'll give you an instructive that will guide you step by step to teach you how to burn the CD in your computer. And if you have not the skills to do it and is to much for you, I am sure there is always a person who can help you in this matter.



First of all write us an email telling you exactly what you need, how many songs and how do you need them. Please click here to send an email now.


In order to make the karaoke videos we'll need three things from you: (a) The backing track (b) the original song with the lead vocal (c) the lyrics. Please keep this in mind if you're planning to place an order. Thing to notice: The price we charge per video include 1 backing track from free from our database, so you don't need to buy the playback somewhere else. You can choose it directly from our list. Visit our backing tracks list now.


If you want to add your own pictures or photos we'll need that too!


Once everything has been arranged and sorted we'll proceed to make the videos. (Upfront payment will be required before dealing with any order).


When the product is ready you'll get a notification via email and the link to download all the material.

6 Burn the discs at home and enjoy!